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Female barefoot feet on dry grass standing in a circle with glasses of wine in the middle.

Calendar of Events

Community is critical to our overall wellbeing. Our purpose is to help you find your purpose, and realize your most favorite self. We encourage you to join us circle and grow in anyway you feel inspired. 


Loneliness has more negative impact on our genetic expression than smoking, obesity, and inactivity combined. We are social beings and our instinct is to find strength in numbers. When we are part of a thriving community, we feel a sense of kinship, camaraderie and connectedness. Our health and happiness are inextricably linked with our connections. 


Welcome to our calendar of events. We honor Mother Earth's seasons and the monthly moon cycle, which are great reminders to check in with ourselves and evaluate our space, our commitments to ourselves, and our opportunities for community.


We also offer opportunities to grow in our physical health, mental health, emotional and social, as well as spiritual health. Join in whatever resonates with you and leave anything that doesn't.


Below you'll find greater descriptions on each of these offerings to better discern if they fit into your life in this moment. Please register on our service page, so we can make proper preparations for you, as well as notify you in the event of cancelation. 

Event Descriptions

Workshops & Programs

Into the future, various talks and workshops will be scheduled for those who would like to engage in better understanding their health and happiness.

Laura Ingalls Wilder

"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere."

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