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The Eden Team is eager to work with you to optimize your health.
Reach out!

Dr. Layne is our Functional & Integrative Clinician but it takes a team to offer the services we feel best serve our clients. 

Jeremy Gooden is our practice manager. Finance is his domain. If you have a question about the business entity itself, administration, or want to discuss professional opportunities, he is your guy.

Dr. Eric Oberst is graciously offering to help me in the clinic with meeting the clinical needs of our clients. He is a physical therapist with a functional wellness mindset, also in private practice within Zionsville. If you need assistance getting set up for an appointment, submitting tests or need guidance in your treatment plan or educational program, he's your guy.

Eric Headshot.jpg

Jeremy Gooden

Practice Manager

Dr. Eric Oberst, PT

Physical Therapist (gracious assistant)

Dr. Penny Layne FNP, CNM

Functional & Integrative Clinician

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