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Eden Family Practice Members

Primary care clients who have established themselves in the practice with an initial new client visit, as well as the follow-up visit for physical exam and lab review, and maintain annual wellness visits for the established client are invited to become part of our Eden Community where exclusive opportunities are offered.

Everyone is welcome to explore our forums, classes, and workshops.

Detoxification & Wellness Program

As this is an incredible passion for Dr. Lane, she has created an extensive educational program for her clients to work through a variety of life-style, environmental, and even genetic variables in effort to evaluate their risks and improve their vitality. This program, if completed daily, offers six months worth of lessons. It will be transformative!

Natural Cosmetic Materials

Access to Education

We are not your standard conventional medical practice. We offer a integrative and functional approach which demands a new perspective, a deeper understanding. Our commitment to education and empowering our clients is what separates us from the rest. Members can opt to join any number of educational programs online or meet with us in person for workshops, hikes, the book club, or our Wednesday Wellness meetings - education is always part of our efforts.

Wellness Coach

Nature for the Littles

Let's create a strong foundation of health and wellness for our Littles! These events are for familiarizing our littles with nature and movement and even embodiment. We seek to create a love for self, nature, and confidence in their ability to prioritize wellness.


Mindfulness for Our Teens & Preteens

Being a teen is stressful! Mindfulness can be a powerful way to handle stress and develop healthy coping skills. The practice of mindfulness is about living fully in the present, without judgment, and with an attitude of kindness and curiosity. It's about breathing and "noticing what you notice." It sounds simple, but it really is a practiced habit. Join us as we work with teens and pre-teens to establish mindfulness as a key wellness tool.

Yoga Class

Self-Love Book Club

The first Sunday of each month, Dr. Lane leads discussion on the chosen book of the club. These are chosen to challenge each of us to dig deeper into who we are, to embrace our authenticity, and to strive towards living our best life. Join us!

Girl Reading on Bed

Community Forums

Our online forums and in-person events are largely for our Eden members to establish a safe place among like-minded individuals. Our goal is to offer you the support to implement all that you're learning in the educational programs and workshops, and from your private wellness consultations. We are living what we Preach!

Women Holding Hands

Hike with the Doc

Join Dr. Lane as she connects with nature and embraces the challenges of each season. Learn about grounding, movement, botanicals, and build your microbiome and vitamin D3.

Hiking in Forest

Wellness Wednesdays

These days Dr. Lane creates content for further growth. This may be offering a workshop, dropping live into our private facebook group, leading a meditation or sharing a video from one of her paid courses, exclusive with her active members. 

Online Meditation

Simple Problem Visit

As a nurse practitioner trained in conventional medicine, Dr. Lane is experienced in the treatment of acute care issues, including managing common illnesses and wounds. Due to the urgency of these issues, this service is extended only to our active Eden members.


Embodiment Yoga

The practice offers a variety of yoga classes, meeting the needs of beginners to the more advanced, from our youngest to our more physically challenged. What each class has in common is a commitment to honoring the individual needs of each yogi and yogini. Embodiment is an integral aspect of optimal health and wellness, but in today's very busy world, many of us have disconnected from ourselves. We want to guide you back to a place where self-care, self-compassion, and self-love are again, your foundation.

Yoga Child's Pose
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