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Astrology & Christianity

My mother was really into #astrology when I was a kid, so this mindset has been somewhat familiar to me. Since I can remember, I've been well aware that I am a Sagittarius with a Leo moon and a Leo rising (yes, in total, I actually have six fire signs in my house), but when I began digging into the Christian faith, I abandoned those thoughts with the understanding that astrology was about fortune reading and therefore, of the occult.

Astrology is based upon the use of stars and planets to gain perspective on a person's character tendencies, and even a belief that the positions of certain celestial entities have an impact on our lives. As a midwife, who can not deny that the moon and our weather patterns have great impact on the feminine cycle and even #pregnancy and birth, it doesn't seem a huge stretch for me to believe this may also impact us in some way from day to day.

If we believe that the Lord created the sun, earth, and stars, and that we have a relationship with the earth, with nature, and it's changing seasons, again, it just doesn't seem a huge leap to believe there may be a deeper connection that was intentional. Adam was created from the earth, and not placed in a mansion or castle, but rather, in a garden. The fruit of the earth feeds and nourishes our bodies, and its plants heal our ailments. We are profoundly connected.

Idol worship is strictly prohibited in the Christian faith (Exodus 20:3) and while there are some astrologers who follow gods among the stars and the moon, my thought is that astrology is more often of concern to Christians because of its relationship to fortune tellers, mediums, and its potential for practice in the occult (2 Kings 21:6). The Old Testament is clear that a follower of the Lord should not look elsewhere for advice (Deuteronomy 4:19), but rather turn their eyes to the Lord and trust in His divine plan for our lives.

The stars and moon, according to holy scripture, were created to give light to the moon (Genesis 1:16-17). The Lord is a Christian's counselor, not the stars. However, it was the Bethlehem star that led the wise men - astrologers - to find the baby Jesus. God used the star to light the way.

Might Astrology also be a Useful Tool for You

I've shared previously, my childhood wasn't easy or even safe. I have a great deal of #trauma and like many with a difficult past, I struggled to break free of that reality, carrying it into each of my subsequent - toxic - relationships. Along the way, I lost myself. I let others define me and I attempted to prove my worth through service to others. I became a martyr not even recognizing my own basic needs.

As part of my healing journey, I was reintroduced to astrology. My therapist recommended I dig into the #Enneagram and several Brene Brown talks. She also recommended a number of books in effort to discover, as she often encouraged me, "my authenticity." I wrote a love letter to myself, so never again would I get lost or let another person gaslight me into believing I wasn't worthy of respect and kindness. I wanted a map so I could always find my way home.

Astrology offered that map better than any other study I was introduced. Like the wise men, I was guided by the stars. Studies have demonstrated that more and more Christians are also finding their truth in astrology, and part of me suspects this is because the Christian church places almost exclusive focus on serving the Lord, even stepping out in faith in ways that may even be reckless or dishonoring of ourselves, particularly when it comes to serving time or offering the church financial support. Although the scripture offers a significant amount of teaching on self-care and healthy boundaries, the church gives very little attention to self-love and self-preservation. Christianity is more a mindset of martyring ourselves.

Astrology has been Validating to Many

More and more believers are sharing that they feel more connected to the Lord and their Christian faith as they grow more familiar with astrology. They better understand their purpose and so feel more connected after digging into their natal charts. For them, as well, astrology has become a map for discovering their own authenticity.

Luke 21:25 has encouraged believers to consider another perspective on astrology. While worship and idolatry are maybe part of this practice for some, others see opportunity for the Lord to use the sun, moon, and stars as tools to guide one's life towards the Lord. They don't buy into the concept that astrology and Christianity are mutually exclusive. Rather, they have the position that it must be used with care and integrity as any other secular activity and opportunity. Therapists have shared that learning one's zodiac traits can help reveal truths about our character, behaviors, #emotions, tendencies and even our #soul mission.

An Ancient Science, Predating both Astronomy & Psychology

If one seeks to honor the holy scriptures, consider that learning astrology may be little different than studying prophecy. Each are tools which can be useful for deepening understanding, and therefore, strengthening one's relationship with their Lord. Astrology doesn't have to be about depending on psychics for counsel or neglecting one's relationship with God.

Hippocrates, Sir Isaac Newton, Galileo and Pythagoras were all students of astrology. Modern medicine was created because of astrology! Initially, certain aspects of the physical body were related to each of the twelve zodiac signs. The Aries is associated with the head and ears, the Libra to the lower back, the Cancer with the breasts and stomach, and the Sagittarius to the hips and thighs for example.

Hippocrates stated, "A physician that does not know the truth of astrology is not a physician but a fool." Some have theorized that Jesus represents the sun and the twelves disciples represent the twelve astrological signs within the zodiac. The twelve signs have also been associated with the twelves sons of Jacob and that the personality traits of each son were used to describe each sun sign that we are familiar with today.

Jesus spoke about things beyond our comprehension. There are truths we simply can not understand in this lifetime. Part of His teaching was about the stars being our guide to His return. European churches, our historical churches, have remnants of astrology in the architecture. Christianity and astrology do have an interwoven history which can't be denied.

Learning to Love Myself

Personally, astrology was vital for my healing because while we may as believes trust that the Lord loves us, it can be hard to #love ourselves. Can we truly accept the love He offers us if we don't love ourselves first?

As I studied my own chart, I began to appreciate that not only is my sun sign a fire sign, so are my moon and rising signs. These signs are generally quite dominant, enthusiastic, extroverted, exceedingly passionate, brave, and valiant, while also being somewhat rebellious, hot-tempered, uncontrollable, and potentially, angry. We can be very intuitive and creative, but also arrogant and selfish. Understanding these tendencies can help us become more self-aware and identify when we are becoming more toxic, slipping from a more healthy state of being.

Fire signs are typically inspirational and thought of as transforming, confident, full of courage, charming, and humorous. We are generally very authentic, active, and hopeful. Fire represents force, lust, fertility, and virility, initiative, and rejuvenation. We are starters and initiators and because we often create new ideas and concepts - as trendsetters or born leaders with broad visions - we can intimidate and overwhelm. However, it is this can-do attitude, this house full of fire, that offered me the fortitude, perseverance, and confidence to open one of the only homebirth #midwifery practices in a state with an incredibly hostile birthing environment.

As fire signs, we are independent and incredibly free spirited. Private practice suits me. It is authentic to my self-sufficient nature, allows me to be spontaneous, and honors my tremendous zest for life. Understanding this helped me identify what professional path was most authentic to me and allowed me to forgive myself when I was over-zealous, adjust when I stepped outside of bounds, and recognize when others misunderstood my intentions.

Here's the thing though, not only are my sun, moon, and rising signs fire elements, so are three additional houses within my #zodiac chart. This means that I am especially warm with six of my twelve houses fire signs. Appreciating this nature as authentic to me allowed me to embrace the beauty in this heat and accept that not everyone will be able to handle my elements. This is simply having awareness to go where you are wanted and walk away from those who reject you. This is basic chemistry, not a personal attack.

I am often told, particularly as a child, that in one way or another, I am "too much." More times than I can count, I've been told I am "too sensitive" or "too passionate" and that my "standards are too high." Rather than identify these as weaknesses and attempt to suppress this in myself, I now see this as very authentic to who I am. I can embrace this about myself, and appreciate for some, I am just going to be "too much." That isn't a negative reflection on me or them, just that our chemistry isn't a great match. I am a lot, but for some, this will mean the world.

This fire makes me a fierce advocate and a dedicated practitioner, passionate teacher, loyal friend and devoted partner. My focus today is on better understanding what the healthiest version of myself looks like and how to maintain that. I am working to evolve these tendencies in way that best honors my needs and serves others well. When others attack and offer unkind words, I can self-evaluate, rejecting those that I don't identify with, understand that not all criticism is really about me. However, it may be a redirection away from those who don't align well with my authentic self.

Astrology is a complex study. It is also one, I believe, that can be congruent with the Christian faith, even offering a deeper understanding and more satisfying relationship with the Lord. More so for me, it has offered a map home. I've discovered my authentic self and learned to appreciate and truly love who I am, investing in the healthiest version of myself. If you feel lead, I hope the stars also lead you to your authentic self.

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