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Wellness Wednesdays

Eden Family Practice has a specific focus on #wellness, and this doesn't just mean lifestyle suggestions, but rather, a true commitment to digging in to toxic behaviors, environmental health, movement, feelings, patterns, trauma and all the fun and really complex ways our health can be impacted beyond genetics and nutrition. Yoga and #hiking are regular activities I offer my clients, along with our monthly book club, our private forums, courses for members, and our Wednesday Wellness Gatherings.

At noon, each Wednesday, those who seek a bit of accountability for prioritizing their self-care, come together in an online conference to discuss our efforts, our individual challenges, our Detoxification & Wellness course, and we review our monthly #challenge. If you are familiar with this program, and you're an active client of Eden Family Practice, don't allow this opportunity to slip past you. This is an extensive course, potentially the most comprehensive of its kind, reviewing not just individual genetics and ultimately #epigenetics, but also working through a series of steps for self-transformation.

We each have our own journeys and challenges along the way. We stall out, get stuck, and plateau at different points in our lives so these Wellness Wednesdays are a great time to come together and check-in with one another, hold ourselves accountable. Each person is offered their own time for self-reflection and then we turn to our monthly challenge, which just so happens to currently be evaluating where we feel deprived. This February we are stopping to take notice.

Self-care can mean so many things, but often what we overlook is a deeper look into what we feel is missing from our lives. When we say we are feeling overwhelmed, are we in fact saying that we are failing to say no to commitments beyond what we are capable? When we say we are exhausted, are we really saying that we haven't effectively prioritized solitary time for ourselves? Quiet baths and the occasional massage just aren't enough when we talk about really investing in ourselves. We need full commitment, a real digging in, an understanding of what we need to live our most #authentic life.

When you are bitter, resentful, ready to quit - have you stopped to ask yourself of what you are deprived?

Take the challenge. Pay attention to your emotions this month and identify where you have failed to protect your healthy boundaries or failed to fill your cup of necessary moments of self-care. Honoring your needs is not selfish. In fact, it is the only way we can be effective for meeting the needs of those around us. We fill our cup so we can serve others from our overflow.

What Are You Missing in Your Life Right Now?

What might you journal about this particular topic? Is there something that you had in the past that you wish you still had? Do you feel you are destined to not have some of your dreams realized, that somethings are just not within your capability or destiny? Where did this belief come from? Is there a time in your life that you realized what you actually want, may not be in the cards? Where have you settled? Why do you think this particular thing or person is missing from you life? What reasons can you identify? Can you think of an action, or small step, you might take toward finding/getting this thing that is missing?

Might you feel a yearning or a lack of contentment, but maybe not be able to identify what it is that is missing from your life? Maybe things look good on paper, you're successful, but have a sort of imposter syndrome or you feel as if you're performing? Are you living your dreams or those of someone else? Do you know what is authentic to you? Are you chasing after that?

Do you have a sense of purpose in your life? Are you working to make others happy at the expense of your own happiness? What do you really want? What really matters to you? Do you feel connected to those around you? Can you think of a time when you felt really connected? What are your values? Are you living these in your life right now?

Have you considered that potentially that piece that you feel is missing, may in fact, be you? Do you spend time turning in rather than exclusively focusing outwardly? Do you spend time exploring who you are instead of letting the world pull you outside of yourself?

Journal these thoughts. Stop and think in February about where you have deprived yourself, then honor your needs. If you are a member of Eden, join our Wednesday Wellness Gatherings in our wellness facebook group LIVE!

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