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Moon Salutation Series

Explore Chandra Namaskar, the balancing flow for the Sun Salutation.

  • 15 US dollars
  • East 86th Street

Service Description

Our Moon Salutation Series will explore the Chandra Namaskar each month on the New Moon, Full Moon, Waxing Moon, and Waning Moon. To create equilibrium in our yoga practice and in our lives, it’s helpful to observe the power of opposites. Yin and yang, ebb and flow, contraction and expansion, effort and surrender - it’s imperative that we recognize the qualities and benefits on each side of the spectrum so that we can find balance and unity between them. Sun salutations are said to be a yang practice, related to activity, heat and light, whilst Moon Salutations are associated with a yin practice - receptive, meditative, and cooling. Although yin and yang represent seemingly opposite principles (dark and light, day and night, passivity and activity), they are utterly interdependent. In the same way, although Sun and Moon salutation sequences embrace different qualities, they complement each other perfectly. The yogic term, Hatha, also reflects these individual yet interconnected qualities - Ha referring to the warming, active energy of the sun and tha - cooling, receptive elements of the moon. Hatha yoga, therefore, seeks to unify these apparently opposing elements, creating harmony and balance. Sun salutations awaken; Moon Salutations soothe. During the half-moons, our light is balanced and our traumas can be more easy to heal. Our purpose on the half-moons will be to find our individual balance through self-reflection and group support. Each time we meet, there will be a topic for short discussion, time for group healing, and when weather allows, time to meditate in nature under the moon. During the Full Moon, Dr. Lane will encourage participants to set a specific intent from the heart about what they would like to have healed or what they would like to release and during the New Moon, our focus will be on setting intentions. The group will start with a short meditation and clearing prayer. Live music will be offered (hopefully) as participants are invited to join in the Chandra Namaskar, or the Moon Salutation. This flow is cooling, healing and designed to uncover and heal traumas (both physical and emotional). You may want to use a natural bug repellent. Also, it may be helpful to bring your own yoga mat, chair, journal, and water bottle or other beverage when we plan to be outside. We will practice social distancing. Please utilize your own hand sanitizer. Be advised that restrooms may not be available.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Dr. Layne certainly appreciates notification as soon as you are able regarding cancellations; however, she also realizes that life happens which we aren't able to control so extends grace in this area. As necessary, she is more than happy to reschedule.

Contact Details

  • 1001 E 86th St, Indianapolis, IN 46240, USA


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