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Wellness Consults

All clients of Eden Family Practice are first offered a wellness consult. Optimal health isn't complicated but we are challenged by an over-abundance of nutrient poor food. We live in a very toxic environment and we're dealing with unprecedented levels of stress, emotionally, physically, and biochemically. This consult works to empower you to create necessary lifestyle changes for optimal health. Dr. Layne offers an extensive review of one's lifestyle habits, medical history, lifeline, baseline laboratory findings, physical exam, and personal goals. An extensive wellness plan is offered as well as access to a number of member benefits to encourage a life of vitality. This visit can supplement care already provided by another clinician or offer a second opinion, but it is a necessary part of establishing yourself as a member of Eden for primary care.

Primary Care for the Entire Family

Dr. Layne cares for men, women, and children of all ages, throughout their entire life span. She is more than happy to provide primary care services to active members, following their wellness consultations. Families may be offered home consults when several are seeking to establish care; otherwise, clients are seen in her office or via telemedicine. Primary care clients are offered access to our Detoxification & Wellness program, our Wellness Wednesday sessions with Dr. Layne, and are invited to a number of events, such as Hike with the Doc, various yoga classes, herbal workshops, and our activities for the littles. Eden members are also offered simple problem visits to triage acute concerns which are not otherwise offered to the community.

Functional & Integrative Medicine

Chronic care is managed with a functional medicine mindset, integrating a number of alternative or complementary health modalities into wellness and treatment plans. While Dr. Layne can offer pharmaceutical therapies through consultation, this is one of many approaches offered and is not viewed as a long-term solution for most. Our goal is to dig into the root cause of dis-ease and bring each individual into a state of optimal wellness.

Doctor Layne's Approach

I am passionate about teaching because I don't want to just dim symptoms; I want clients to be wildly satisfied and feel passionate about the science of functional medicine and the practical application of it so they discover how to heal their bodies. I want to encourage people to recognize their worth, to embrace their value, and empower them to show up for themselves. I love really understanding how people think and how their bodies thrive, but I am very familiar with how easy it is to become disembodied and not prioritize or even recognize our own needs. We can't have wellness or vitality without investing in our needs in a holistic way. 

Standard Conventional Medicine, the growing field of Functional Medicine, and a more Holistic approach which focuses on Complete Wellness each have exceedingly important roles in addressing overall health, but self-care is true primary care. Certainly modern medicine can be life-saving, particularly when addressing trauma and infection, but the vast majority of pharmaceuticals prescribed are not healing. Rather, they dim the body's attempt to communicate an underlying issue, which is where Functional Medicine shines. Digging to the root of these symptoms and correcting this underlying issue is the only way to really conquer chronic disease. The body is designed to heal itself; however, ignoring chronic stress, past traumas, disembodiment, toxic relationships, and unhealthy lifestyle habits will undermine any effort the clinician or client engages which is why a sincere focus on wellness is also vital. Intuitively you know these principles, so my guidance will resonate with you and reinforce what you already knew in your heart. As Socrates said, "True learning is remembering."


Integrating a discerning balance of each of these modalities and principles is how I offer a unique approach to health and wellness, alongside my dedication to building a mutually respectful and trusting relationship with each client I serve. Health embodies the whole person, on every level. Our attitudes, our actions, our relationships, how we live our lives, what we eat and how we move, how we see our own worth - it all depends on our overall health. With this in mind, wellness and treatment plans are a collaborative effort utilizing a number of approaches so individuals can consider which modalities best meets their needs.

My Approach
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