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Bach Flower Remedies for Women

by Judy Ramsell Howard

Bach Remedies are growing in popularity as more healthcare consumers not only seek more natural approaches to healthcare, but also more autonomy in playing an active role in their healing and wellness. These remedies, established in the 1930s by medical physician, Dr. Bach, are intended to restore balance and equilibrium, similar to homeopathic remedies. His belief was that our overall mental and physical well-being was driven by our emotional outlook and personality. This healing modality then, from flower essences, is intended to treat the person rather than the dis-ease, and therefore, the cause more so than the effect.

This particular edition of Bach Flower Remedies for Women was published in 2005 and focuses more specifically on how these remedies might serve women through their transitions in life, easing her emotional #traumas which can make these stages more burdensome. The author, Judy Howard, is a registered nurse in London. She also practices as a hospital-based midwife and joined the Bach Centre as an educator.

Briefly, there are 38 Bach Flower Remedies altogether. Each one deals specifically with a particular emotional state or aspect of your personality and it is thought that these 38 are the complete realization of this healing modality, in that no further remedies could be created.

Rescue Remedy

Among the more common combinations of Bach Remedies is the Rescue Remedy - a combination of Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Clematis, Cherry Plum and Impatiens. This is great for postpartum blues and depression, for #anxiety, even ADHD. It's all-around calming properties are comforting in a crisis. After a burn or bruise, it can also help with the initial shock to the physical body. These are quite honestly a bit like Xanax in a tin, and my clients have long adored their benefit to their mental health.

Treating the Whole Person

True to the homeopathic approach, Bach Flowers serve the whole person. While the names of the 38 remedies are specific to botanicals and relate to a mood in negative terms, there is a balance and a positive aspect to each remedy as well. Knowing an individual's character traits when choosing various remedies is important; one must understand their natural disposition to treat them whole person with flower essence.

If one is wanting to address their physical body, their figure even, and want to address it through dieting, there are a number of approaches when using Bach Remedies. Consider that some women will be impatient with the work and progress, so impatiens may be the best remedy for them. They may feel discouraged or disheartened, and benefit from #gentian as this will offer them encouragement. Gorse is said to restore hope and if you're the type who will eat the cake and start the diet tomorrow, then hornbeam is your recommendation as this can help ensure tomorrow does actually come. Crab apple can help you deal with your feelings, and improve your self image, while rock water can help you consider the rigidity in the strict regimen you've crafted and allow more self-love. Each matter through a woman's life can be addressed via this approach, understanding how she emotionally responds to these transitions and trials, working to balance them.

The author discusses sexuality, menstruation, fertility, #pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and widowhood from an emotional perspective; what do you want and how you feel? How might you utilize the Bach Flower Remedies to balance those feelings? There certainly is a bit out outdated information within the book, as the evidence and recommendations regarding AIDS, sexually transmitted disease, even pap smears and mammograms have changed considerably in the near twenty years since its publication, but with regards to how to implement flower essence as a healing modality, Howard's book is an easy and enjoyable read with ample resources.

There is little risk to utilization of flower essence, and these remedies can be utilized by men, women, children, pets, and plants. Several remedies can be utilized simultaneously as well. There are no restrictions on dose or conflicts with health or other medications. They are preserved in Brandy however, so it is recommended that they be diluted in mineral water. A number of resources are available today, including an online personality test to help guide you in your journey through the Bach Flower garden.

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