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Electromagnetic Allergies: Are you at Risk?

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

The American Medical Association now recognizes the medical diagnosis of #electromagnetic sensitivity. Scientists have been expressing concern from the 1970s about exposures to these energetic waves and their impact on health, including #cancer and #leukemia in children. Not a lot of attention or concern has been given as this would mean adjusting our growing dependence and even addictions to modern technology.

A constellation of symptoms however, including headaches, allergies, #fatigue, skin irritation, depressive moods, and disruptive behaviors in children including #ADD, has been correlated with proliferating technology and our increased exposure to high frequency EMFs. There's also evidence that it may raise blood sugar in #diabetes and increase symptoms in those with multiple sclerosis.

A study published more than ten years ago now found cell phone use correlated with brain cancer on the side of the head the phone was held. Another study found cancer in the salivary glands, again on the same side of the head the phone was being primarily used. A study published in Epidemiology found that children born to mothers who used cell phones while pregnant and whose children used cell phones by age seven were 80 percent more likely to be hyperactive and to have emotional and behavioral problems. Many studies have demonstrated that cell phone and computer usage can interfere with the body's nighttime production of the hormone #melatonin, which is vitally important for sleep and without sufficient sleep, our bodies can not repair and heal.

The exposure doesn't have to be significant or at high levels either. Sufficient evidence exists demonstrating that even more mild exposures are a risk. Sleep disturbances, immune-system suppression, brain wave changes, headaches, light sensitivity, heart arrhythmias, chronic fatigue symptoms, memory problems, ringing in the ears, and depression are all associated with electrosensitivity.

EMFs have also been associated with leading environmental issues such as the destruction of forests once blamed on acid rain. However, they believe this may instead be caused by constant bombardment from 60 Hz power lines and the radio frequency waves from communications equipment. Some researchers suspect that electropollution may in part hold responsibility for the changing weather patterns now blamed on global warming.

Mainstream medicine harnesses the power of EMFs to heal; quite the paradox.

Broken bones and wounds can be mended through pulsed EMF stimulation and pain can be reduced with the use of a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) device. Port-wine stains have been eliminated with the use of lasers and depression has been treated with transcranial magnetic stimulators, which uses weak electrical currents and rapidly varying magnetic fields to create bran nerve cells. Low-intensity EMFs are even been studied to scramble cancer cells, preventing them from spreading in cases such as glioblastoma.

Invisible or not, poison is poison. Electrical magnetic frequencies (EMFs) create free radical damage, and reduces the body's ability to heal from that damage. EMFs suppress the body's ability to produce important antioxidants, including melatonin as mentioned. This hormone not only manages your sleep-wake cycle, but it also increases the body's own killer cells called lymphocytes, which fight off foreign invaders, like mutated cells. Melatonin isn't just about sleep, which is critical in itself, but melatonin is critical for saving your life. Lack of sufficient #melatonin has been very clearly linked to ALS or Lou Gahrig's disease.

We talk a great deal about #glutathione in the detoxification program so if you're an active client of Eden and you've participated in this program, then you may remember glutathione's role as a powerful antioxidant and detoxifier in every single cell within your body. It can repair any free radical damage on the spot as well as clean up any toxins and the injury they cause. Those with cancer, AIDs, and other serious diseases have severely diminished levels of glutathione, suggesting this enzyme plays a major role in immune system defense. Melatonin enhances glutathione. It also stimulates TSH, which is vital in managing your metabolism. Consider how this reduction in melatonin impacts us as we age. Our sleep cycle declines, our ability to fight mutated cells, and our ability to heal reduces.

Scientists definitely argue about the health impacts of EMFs though and at what levels they are safe. There is still much to yet be understood, but I think what speaks most convincingly to me is the body's reaction to this stress within the nervous system. Multiple studies have demonstrated that when exposed to EMFs, our body releases adrenaline. This means that EMFs trigger our fight-or-flight system, so even if we can't yet comprehend its effect on our body or the details of that impact, we are aware that our bodies recognize EMFs as a threat. Our immune system and digestive system are down-regulated during stress and our stress hormones are on alert, which increases central obesity and blood sugar dysregulation. EMFs have also been shown to increase the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, which creates our panic responses. Our bodies are very clearly demonstrating that EMFs are a threat, which if unmanaged our nervous system alone will create free radical damage - attacking every organ system.

Living with Technology

Maybe you are like me and dream of living in a remote place, maybe on a mountain with view of a clear lake, beautiful trees, and majestic sounds of nature surrounding you where there would be little to no need for electrical conveniences? Maybe this is far too much of a stretch for you, and technology is something you really enjoy and haven't any real desire to separate yourself from too much. The reality is that there are some technologies that are a clear and present danger, but there are also ways in which you may be able to mitigate their effects safely, and practically.

If you haven't already taken advantage of the Detoxification & Wellness program extended exclusively to Eden Family Practice clients, I would encourage you to do that now. Inside this program, a quiz will be provided to help you identify your risk and exposure. As well, suggestions for reducing those exposures are offered.

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My whole, I've always remembered technology being around me. It's around us wherever we go whether we personally bring it with us or not. It's very had to get away from. Like everything else, it can be beneficial and toxic.

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