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Modern Science Meets Ancient Medicine

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Our world is full of energetic and electrical frequencies. Our own bodies are a mass of vibrating fields of energy. That is why when we are exposed to external frequencies, this exposure can then disturb the frequency balance in our own bodies.

There are some who believe that these frequencies are the primary mechanisms for managing our bodily functions as they inform our cells, organs, and biochemistry on how to function and interact. Our brains emit electrical waves and these messages, to our brain from our body, telling us about our hunger and pain, are sent along electrical pathways. Neurons discharge electrical energy when we move a muscle. Our hearts are charged by ions. We learned about these in high school chemistry - potassium, chloride, sodium, and calcium. They are part of the elemental table. The magnetic field surrounding your body, created from your own circulatory system, can be measured. Diagnostic tests utilize this electrical signature in each of us to evaluate our health (electroencephalogram for the brain and the magnetic resonance imaging for the body).

We aren't just a physical being, but also an energetic being.

Doctors of Oriental Medicine teach that the life force of energy, referred to as chi, flows through the body in a specific sequence through long, narrow energy channels known as #meridians. Restorative yoga is an extension of Oriental Medicine and utilizes these meridians for healing. Indian yogis call this energy, "prana." Hippocrates called it our natural life force and Jesus Christ referred to this energy as our light.

There are two polarizing forces, known as yin and yang through which chi manifests itself. Yin and yang are paired opposites, which express the female and male principles, respectively, that exist in all things in varying degrees. Traditional Chinese Medicine measures this balance of yin and yang to determine overall wellness, and to some degree, so do yogi practitioners. The Sun Salutation is a heated asana flow, stimulating the masculine side, while the Moon Salutation is more cooling and encouraging the feminine nature.

Balanced Energy is Necessary for Optimal Health

My entire adult life was very much dedicated to living and understanding the Christian faith. As part of that, I think anything that wasn't overtly familiar was cast into a box marked "too tempting" and "better not risk it." This includes energy medicine. It was something that bordered on the occult. Midwifery was once believed part of the occult, and #midwives weren't burned at the steak, by church leaders. Their ability to heal, using herbs was outside the understanding of the church and therefore, forbidden. Women who birth, and bleed, and lactate were already mysterious enough. I believe the Old Testament separated women from the community during these times to protect us, to allow us time to be nurtured rather than having to always nurture, but this separation created distrust. As we moved towards modern medicine, we did the same with Earth's medicines. We cast them out as mysterious and even witchcraft. Midwives still today are cast out of common practice, subservient to male physicians. Energy medicine, even #yoga to some degree, has that same uneasiness for many within the church.

Balance is key to health. We are energetic beings, and when this is disturbed, when our chi no longer flows freely through our body, we become stagnant or become too powerful and inflamed. While science is certainly growing in support of this phenomenon, our intuition already knows this. We know when things are off, when we are brewing some sort of illness or dis-ease. We know when other's disrupt our energy. Physical symptoms manifest, sometimes years before, an energy disturbance exists. Acupuncture is specific to this underlying belief system, redistributing energies in the body through insertion of needles at key points along the meridians. Western medicine has long been skeptical about #acupuncture, but today it is utilized regularly by our military. We struggle to think of the body as electrical, or energetic, as we have become so accustomed to biochemical terms. High-speed computed tomography scans have tracked the movement of radioactive isotopes through the tubule system that aligns with the traditional acupuncture meridians when injected into acupuncture points. Researchers at Stanford have identified that our acupuncture meridians are more conductive than other points on the body. It's all about energy and electricity and the magnetic force that comes with it - electromagnetism.

Modern physics supports a constantly vibrating and communicating inner workings of our cells, organs, and tissues. This bioelectrical makeup is even communicating with our external environment - with other people, #plants, planets, and celestial bodies. Cycles of the moon have long impacted the female cycle, the moods and routines of humans and animals. Why does it come as a surprise, or cause discomfort when we consider that geopathic disturbances can affect human physiology? Geomagnetic storms on the sun can be so intense that they damage satellites, power lines, and telephone cables and disrupt radio communications. Ask any midwife, when there is a hurricane hitting the Florida beaches, the midwives up in the northern Midwest are managing multiple women suffering from premature rupture of membranes. Those barometric changes initiate labor and burst the bags of waters surrounding those yet to be born. Babies are born during the full moon, no doubt creating tides in the womb as it creates tides in the sea. A woman's cycle closely patterns the moon's cycle.

We are created to respond to the electromagnetic forces in the universe. We are created from the Earth and depend on it to breathe and eat. The Earth itself is like a giant electrical circuit. Have you read the book, Hidden Messages in Water, by Masaru Emoto that demonstrates how water crystals change based on what you speak to it? Beautiful and perfect crystals reflect words such as love and gratitude, but when threatening and hateful words are spoken, the crystals are broken and tortured. This is not unlike our own biofields.


You may not even realize it, or not yet appreciate it, but the energy fields around you create a kind of subliminal stress that triggers your sympathetic nervous system - your fight-of-flight response. This elevates your #cortisol levels which in turn can increase adiposity around your waist, increase fat deposits in your liver, disrupt your blood sugar, advance aging, reduce your immunity, create mood disturbances, cardiovascular disease, and erratic sleep. Most of us are vulnerable to this electropollution all day long. The wireless nature of our society has escalated our dependence and ultimately, the stress frequency our bodies are suffering.

Frequency of Stress and Healing

New to me, is the realization that one's frequency can be measured and scientists have discovered that during the daytime, a human's body registers between 62 and 68 Hz. When the frequency drops to 58 Hz, cold and flu symptoms appear. Disorders like candida arrive at 55 Hz, Epstein Barr at 52 Hz, and cancer at 42 Hz. Our body then responds to the frequency of others, including food, in energy signals. If we better understand our bodies as energy beings as well as physical beings, we can start to tune into this and help create healthy boundaries that support a healthy energy balance.

Members of Eden Family Practice are encouraged to join the detoxification and wellness program for further information on how you might reduce unnatural frequencies in your daily lives and support your optimal frequency.

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