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Mama Midwife: A Birth Adventure

I’ve read a number of #midwifery related children’s books through the years, so was delighted to find author and illustrator, Christy Tyner, took a little different perspective in her whimsical rendition of #homebirth. Rather than educate the reader on the #pregnancy journey and ultimate #birth, the story instead focuses on the role of the midwife herself.

It begins with the child, a young mouse, having a sleep over and true to midwifery-course, as all midwives will agree, our plans are often derailed, especially when they are as important as hosting our little one’s very first sleep over. No worries though! Midwives and even our littles, love to catch babies whenever they are ready and of course, this is almost always in the middle of the night.

Not only does momma mouse dash away like a mysterious agent, but the neighbor, Mr. Rabbit, was called to come over and mouse-sit, another side of being a midwife that often gets overlooked. “Is your mom a super hero,” asked one of the little mouse’s friends?

Many questions followed and little mouse began educating her on one of the mysterious (and grossly misunderstood) professions in our day. After discussing some of responsibilities midwives have, each of the little animal friends began role playing way into the wee hours what it must be like to be a midwife. The next morning little mouse realized she had grown increasingly curious about momma’s role and asked if she could join her at a birth. The stars aligned and a Mama Bear began to labor and finding herself in need of a momma’s helper to entertain the older sibling bears so little mouse was invited along!

Momma Midwife provided labor support to Momma Bear, with her little mouse watching her in awe. Momma Bear's labor was hard, requiring diligent care and much encouragement. Momma Midwife whispers secrets into Momma Bear’s ear which ultimately gives her the final encouragement to bring forth the most adorable baby bear, for all to adore. The art of midwifery is later shared from Momma Mouse to little mouse, as well as, the tradition of how birth and midwifery has been passed down through the generations. This is an easy read and very tender.

I really appreciated the challenges of midwifery being addressed along with the dedication of midwives who are honored to be called to this profession. The author seems to know first hand these sacrifices as the partner of a midwife, Michelle, who practices in Berkeley, California at #EastBayHomebirth.

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