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Pomegranate: Gorgeous & Cancer Fighting

Another beautiful fruit which is full of #phytonutrients, from the peel to the seed. This is a food I talk quite a bit about actually in my detoxification program actually because it's benefits are just overwhelmingly abundant. They are antiviral, #antitumor, and full of vitamins and minerals. Pomegranates offer calcium, potassium, zinc, vitamin K, niacin, and folate. They're also full of #flavonoids, nearly three times as many as green tea and red wine! If you know anything about the health benefits of green tea, then you can appreciate how really incredible these fruits are, and as someone who doesn't particularly like the taste of green tea, this excites me to no end. Pomegranates are rich in polyphenols and have been associated with reducing blood pressure and certain types of heart disease such as the big killer, atherosclerosis, and also helps prevent cancer and optimize treatment outcomes.

Admittedly, I hadn't eaten a #pomegranate at home until about ten years ago. I am not sure if I wasn't familiar with them at all, or didn't know how to eat them, but one of my more favorite memories as a #midwife is introducing this fruit to the Amish community I use to serve. They were thrilled and the next year when I returned to catch their next baby, momma informed me she had ordered herself a pomegranate tree.

You can consume the seeds, or process the fruit into a juice, syrup, nectar, or concentrate. I especially love pomegranate seeds in salad. Traditionally, pomegranates have been used for helping to clear up #acne and for the treatment of sore throats. It can also settle an upset belly, reduce #osteoarthritis by slowing cartilage deterioration and reducing connective tissue break down, improve dental problems, and it is quite protective of the heart. My studies have largely focused on its impact on #cancer; in fact, it is protective against the eight most common cancers in the United States.

Pomegranate Peel

The peel of a pomegranate is thick, like leather, and is also quite bitter so this isn't often the aspect people are eating; however, it is also full of #ellagitannins, flavonoids, ellatic, ursolic, oleanolic, and gallic acids. It can be used to calm stomach disorders or diarrhea. Make a #tea of it.

Pomegranate Seeds

These seeds are full of punicic acid or omega-5-fatty acids. Their juice have been used for reducing issues such as dysentery and cholera. The deep color makes it rather undeniable that this fruit is rich in antioxidants. Regular consumption has demonstrated a reduction in atherosclerotic lesions in mice, which is really profound considering this is our leading cause of death. Pomegranates help prevent the oxidation of LDL #cholesterol by 90 percent, and decrease blood pressure, specifically the systolic measurement by 21 percent. PON-1 activity was increased by 83 percent and there is nothing else we know of that can do this, but pomegranates can reduce the carotid thickness by 30 percent over a three year period witn only 3.4 tablespoons a day. This isn't even a full glass! Pomegranates can supply iron, so by improving anemia they ultimately improve exhaustion, dizziness, and weakness.

Pomegranate Aril

This is the white tissue that surrounds the seed and it too has numerous health benefits. Don't skip out on this part! Offering phenolics and flavonoids including both anthocyanins and ellagitannins, this aspect of the fruit really is quite potent. Flavonoids are known to counteract various cancer-causing free radicals, and regular consumption of the fruit can reduce markers for prostate cancer and aid in fighting against existing cancer, including breast cancer. It really does have a number of mechanisms here for fighting both the initial presence of cancer, and its resurgence, which I more thoroughly discuss in my #detoxification program.

Pomegranate Leaves

Tea can be made from the leaves, also helping an upset stomach, even reducing the incidence of gastric ulceration. The antibacterial and #antiviral properties of pomegranates have been shown to reduce the formation of dental plaques and protect against various oral diseases.

If I haven't convinced you yet, maybe you'll be impressed with the research by Asadzoi from the Boston Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Massachusetts, recognizing that pomegranate juice can improve #erectile dysfunction. Pomegranates are truly incredible and they taste better than the amazing broccoli I shared about yesterday. Check this out, they've even been associated with reducing wrinkles and enhancing memory in older adults.

Pomegranate & Detoxification

This fruit tempers phase one detoxification which can be important for those who are slow phase two metabolizers as this then reduces reactive intermediates which are exceedingly dangerous and destructive within the body. Pomegranate also elevates glutathione and the antioxidant defense mechanisms. The ellagic acid within pomegrantes can bind directly to DNA and reduce the carcinogenic mutagens. The anti-inflammatory effects are via LOX, COX, and NF-kB.

Enjoy this video on how to enjoy the seeds if you are unfamiliar with the pomegranate. I'd love if you shared some of your favorite pomegranate recipes in the comment section!

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I love pomegranate as well. I don't like fruit on my salads so I'd rather not eat it on a salad. I'll eat it plain or in a smoothie tho.

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